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Magical Mary Case is a life and business coach. As a facilitator of Access Consciousness, Talk To The Entities, X-Men and Advanced Joy of Business Mary is a powerful Neurodivergent Thinker Consultant and Alchemist of Change. 

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What people are saying…

“Mary has helped me over and over again and in so many ways. The biggest area is with my autistic daughter and with my money issues which have improved a lot.

Mary is such a blessing in my life and I'm so grateful for her friendship and facilitation. Oh and I look younger thanks to the facelift class!”



“I attended one of Mary's first X-Men Intro Classes since I knew Mary has a huge understanding for what X-Men are with her own talents and abilities.

This class explores how we need to celebrate our X-Men abilities and Mary is the one to help us. ”


“The Bars class changed my life.
Since then I have learned to live in the question, I have greater ease in all areas of my life.”



Ready to begin?

Whatever it is you are looking to change, you can.

Mary’s magic is in asking the questions that will help get you there.

Based on 40 years experience in transformational education, music and energy work, Mary offers a unique way forward using tools you may not have seen before.