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Relax fully clothed on a massage table and take a moment for yourself. Receive an energetic session that truly transforms beyond what you thought was possible.

What would contribute to you and your body?

Access Consciousness® Bars Session

Access Consciousness® Energetic Facelift

Access Consciousness® Body Process Facilitator 

Access Consciousness® Symphony of Possibilities Session

MMC: Magical Mary Case

Body Work

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10 Week Life Coaching Program

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When you combine pragmatics and energetics to clear any  limitations that stand in the way of your success - change is simple.  In this 10-week collaborative program I will be there to guide you to unlock what isn’t working. 

When you have the tools - change is simple and success is just a choice away.

  • Weekly 30 minute private session
  • Clearing loops
  • Weekly homeplay
  • 2x Symphony of Possibility Group Taster sessions

Coaching & Consulting


Whether you suffer from anxiety, need guidance as a parent on how to bring more harmony to your home, or are ready for financial abundance, Mary will work with you to transform what what you thought was stuck. What else is possible? $2/min

  • Creativity within your business
  • Autism/OCD diagnosis as different not wrong
  • Understanding of X-Men (wait - what’s an X-Man?)
  • Non-verbal communication skills practice & mastery
  • Athlete mindset & sport performance improvement
  • Performance anxiety
  • School & education stress relief
  • More ease in relationship & family dynamics

Mindset coaching or athletes, musicians and anyone else desiring to bring greater ease and less judgement to their training.
What would contribute to your performance?

Get out of your head and into your body

Have more fun with competition

Create ease with your performance

Renew your motivation

The Access® Athlete

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The Gift of Difference

What talents and abilities are not being acknowledged in those labelled ADD, ADHD, and on the autism spectrum?

What if everything we make wrong is actually a gift?


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