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How do YOU define success?

What have you decided is YOUR predetermined reality? 

Have you reached a place in your life where you know that more is available now and that you are ready to reach for transformation in your life?

Are you willing to start creating more success in your life, your business, relationships or money flows?

Are you ready to commit 12 weeks to YOU?

In this 12 week program I combine pragmatics and energetics to clear any  limitations that stand in the way of your success. This is a collaborative program and I will be there to guide you to unlock what isn’t working and provide you with the tools to create the change that is available. When you have the tools - change is simple and success is just a choice away.

Let's create the success you know is possible

With more than 40 years’ experience in transformation, education, energetics and music therapies. I am also a Certified Facilitator of Joy of Business, X-Men and Access Consciousness.

 This allows me as a teacher and facilitator to empower you to choose a new way of living that you know is available, yet have not been able to find and create alone.

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12 Week Recipe for Success

Private Sessions

Every week we will have a 30 minute private 1-on-1 session. These 12 sessions are all about you. Through my facilitation which combines Pragmatics and Energetics we'll create YOUR keys to unlock change. 

Symphony of Possibilities 

These Group Taster sessions compliment your transformation allowing you to access what is truly right for you and your body now beyond the limitations of the past.

Clearing Loops 

After each session you will receive homeplay to use in the week. You will also receive relevant clearing loops to use through each day to shift anything required.

Bonus Program Gifts 

Surprise Gifts

2 bonus group calls will be gifted to your during your program.

VIP Rates 

Distance healing session of your choice at a special rate of $1.50 CAD per minute. 

12-Week Life Coaching 

When you combine Pragmatics and Energetics to clear the limitations that stand in the way of success - change is simple.

Price:  $1200 CAD for 12 weeks 
Pricing Plan available ~ 3 payments: $440 CAD

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How would you like to pay? 

Single Payment

$1200 CAD


Payment Plan - 3 Payments

$440 CAD